Ok. I am home for the weekend before I head to our High A and AA clubs to do some evaluations. My wife's work bought a ton of seats in the OF so everyone could come out and enjoy a game. Perfect night for Baseabll too. If I am home I always go to this event every year. I get to put faces to all of the names my wife talks about when she tells me endless work stories. A lot of kidding around and a lot of fun had by all.

Usually about the 3rd inning all of the guys shift to one side and the ladies all huddle up and do whatever it is women do when the huddle up. Reminds me of an eighth grade dance. Boys on one side, girls on the other.

Anyway, a lot of the guys know I work in Baseball. I get asked about 500 questions a minute. No big deal, but some are doozies. Sometimes I wonder if they just make up outrageous questions just so they will have one to ask. Here are some of my favorite questions AND some of the comments I heard tonight: I can not post my answers word for word because I would be suspended from RZ immediately.

1) How come the Reds didn't get someone like Pedro Martinez or Curt Schilling at the deadline? We could give up Milton and Griffey. WOW! Great idea. Next question.

2) Do you think if Griffey bunted more he could hit .300? Seriously?

3) My favorites are the "I heard" statements: I heard the Reds were trying to get Barry Larkin to come back to play SS for the second half.... If people think Royce is having a tough time try watching Larkin make a comeback

4) There was a nice young lady that my wife works with who is quite boisterous. She can not stand JR. I don't know why she hates him but I actually thought her antics were hilarious at times. Even if she was only embarassing herself. This was my favorite. I can not remember who the hitter was but he hit a flare to CF for a base hit. Looked like he hit one off the end of the bat. The ball landed 30 maybe 40 feet in front of JR and he fielded it on the 5th hop. Unless you put an extra fielder exactly between 2B and CF this ball is NEVER caught. She turns to her Boyfriend and says... "SEEEEEE what I am talking about, anybody else gets that for an out!!! He's just too damn lazy to go get it! (I am just shaking my head) SO THEN about a batter or two later she starts on this. "Look he's not even paying attention!! He's not even ready!! Get in the Game Griffey!!" Apparently she wants JR to immediately run back to his position and face the pitcher while the batter is still in the on deck circle. I looked and saw that the batter indeed had just taken the donut off his bat and was walking to the plate. NOT READY? If you say so Miss. (Mind you she was not drinking)

5) Several LaRue detractors in the stands were making the night a lot of fun. The endless barrage of insults would have made Rodney Dangerfield a proud papa. There was ONE LaRue fan. She's screaming "C'Mon Jason Baby, hit it to MAMA" (We're in the 2nd deck in LF) Jason squares to bunt, puts a good one down and she is clappin' and hollerin'. (rightfully so, he did a good job) The guy behind her SAYS "Well, that stupid little bunt will make his AVERAGE GO DOWN, so I'M not sure what your so excited about" Sure glad he's not my scorekeeper!

6) The one guy I talked to the most is really into baseball and should be posting here. I told him about the site and he said he'd take a look. (Hope you're lookin' buddy) I believe EE was on 3rd and Phillips was on 1st. Guy next to me says "Narron's going to squeeze. What do you think?" I replied "I would try to steal 2nd before I would squeeze but only after Cox pitches out once or twice" And wouldn't you know.... a squeeze and a pitch out. BTW Jerry why did you do that? Everyone in the park knows Dino can lay one down and you like to squeeze.

7) Two guys that I am not sure were with our party were talkin' baseball with us. Real big guy, buzz haircut looks like a regular guy says to his buddy "You know why the Reds are in last place don't ya.... Their pitchin' sucks" Well, he got some of it right at least.

8) My daughter told all the other little girls that I could ge them autographs. Thanks sweetheart. I'm sure Mommy will have a fun day tomorow telling people that Daddy can not and will not do that. She also told a few other people that she has a little brother. (Which she does not) AND that we didn't bring him because he is grounded and we left him in the closet. Nice. I was half expecting to the see the Police when I got home.

Just thought I would share. It was fun going to the game and sitting in the OF. Hard to see the batter but the concession lines were small.