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from VIVA la Birdos

"according to bernie, elizardo ramirez was tipping his pitches, giving away his fastball; the cardinals had "a lengthy hitters meeting" about it before the game and applied the knowledge immediately. in the first inning they saw 11 strikes and swung at 8 of them -- and put the ball in play on all 8 swings. didn't just put it in play, either -- roped it, yanked it down the lines and over the wall. only one player (rolen) swung at an off-speed pitch; ev'yone else feasted on fastballs. beginning with the 2-0 pitch to duncan -- which resulted in a single to plate the game's first run -- the cardinals scored 5 runs in a span of 7 pitches.

way to go, scouts."

He was tipping his changeup a month ago

I want Verne and his extensive use of film and analysis back!!!
Tom Hume is just too laid back for a pitching staff of our limited caliber.
This just quoted by Marty! Kudos to whoever sent that in.