Not sure how part of determining the playoff eligible players works. I know you set a 25 man roster on August 31, plus you can add 1 player for each player you've got on the 60 day DL. That means the Reds can add 3 pitchers to the pool to replace Wilson, Claussen and Balfour. My question is what about the guys on the 15 man DL? Do you have to put together a 25 man playoff roster by using some of the current 25 man roster and whichever 15 day DL players you want eligible, or are the 15 day DL players added to the 25 man roster? Looking at the roster right now for example there are 25 active players, 3 on the 15 day DL and 3 on the 60 day DL. Would the Reds have 28 eligible players to choose from or 31?