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I really hope that was sarcasm.
I don't think it was RedlegJake. A guy earlier blamed Narron for 10-12 losses. Make those wins and the Reds go from a few games over, to about 25 over. People actually believe this stuff.

The problem with this thinking is that people fail to remember the wins Narron got for a decision he made. The reason this is forgotten is because too often people are complaining about his moves, even when they work.

The thinking seems to be that when a team wins a game even though the manager has thrown out a flawed line-up, that game would of been a win, guaranteed, had Narron just used the correct line-up to begin with. These are wins in spite of the manager.

You know, Narron goes with Rich at third. Rich goes 2-4 with a HR and the Reds win. Does Narron get credit for playing Rich? Nope, people are too busy blaming him for not playing Edwin.

But if they lose, the loss is blamed ON Narron. And apparently there are 10-12 of these. We've won 0 because of our managers moves. But we've lost 10-12.

Narron only gets credited when his decisions don't work out.

NEVER is there credit given when they do. Words like, luck get thrown around instead.

25 games over .500? No way.