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Yes. I caught Paul on many occasions. Mostly while he was rehabbing in Norfolk. He was pretty much finished back then. He was "scared" to throw. He kept expecting the pain to come back. I was just talking to Rob Dibble about that a few days ago. Because of the fact that he wouldn't go full out on his pitches he threw poorly. Every year that he has been in the big leagues, except one, he has given up more hits than innings pitched because he is VERY hittable. When he first came on the scene he truly was a phenom. 4 pitches for strikes including a 95+ MPH FB. Hit all of his spots and the disparity in speeds between pitches was very unsettling. I wished I had that kind of talent.

I saw him throw up close at GAB and he was about the same or worse. Having said all of that.... Paul Wilson is one of the nicest, classiest professionals I know. He's the type of person that most of us aspire to be. He makes Casey look like a punk. That's how good of a guy Paul is.
TC.. last season, i was watching Paul pitch (look at his last 3 starts before his injury), and he was constantly throwing across his body which will strain your rotater... his left leg was like stiff as he came thru on his pitches.. his mechanics were ALL messed up..I actualy wrote the Reds saying he was a arm injury waiting to happen. and 2 starts later he gets hurt!.. did he always pitch this way? even when he thru 95mph? Also Tom Hume in a interview with the Creeper said he didnt focus on mechanics.. HOW in the WORLD can he be a pitching coach?? This is what has also baffled me about when Milton doesnt finish off his pitches and nobody doesnt question that and later find out he has a knee injury!!.. its obvious if you look at his no-hitter game he pitched.. he was extending to the plate and he hardly ever does that with the reds..i always thought he had a groin problem or a knee problem. He always loooked like he was trying to throw flat instead of finishing off his pitches!!
if he has a knee problem.. it wont be long before he hurts his arm.. plus if he doesnt extend towards the plate.., every pitch stays up and is very hittable!!.. im not trying to be a no-it-all, its just basic pitching priniciples.. and it bothers me Tom Hume doesnt see this!!!

anyway i always enjoy your insites as well..