Some of the comments over in Reds Live! got me to thinking about what everyone's favorite time of the year is, sports-wise. There are grumblings about the start of football season and how can one get ready for football when we're in the middle of baseball. Some even went so far as to say that you need to let go of baseball in order to get ready for football. I can't say that I subscribe to that logic.

For me, the best time of the year is starting right now. Baseball is coming down the home stretch and football is just getting underway. I don't have to divorce myself from one to thoroughly enjoy the other. On top of all that, my favorite baseball team is in the hunt for the first time in what seems like forever. My favorite NFL team is coming off of a division title and looks to be well-stocked to continue their success this year (pending the health status of a certain QB). Finally, my favorite NCAA football team is pre-season #1. In the immortal words of Kent Dorfman, "Oh boy, is this great!"

A distant second would be March, when the NCAA Tourney is in full swing and baseball is gearing up. That all culminates with Opening Day in Cincinnati followed by the NCAA Championship that night. Always a good time.

So, what does everyone else think? What is your favorite time of the year? Why?