Is the thought that EZ will be sent to AAA to rest a bit and maybe come back for a few starts in 2-3 weeks or just baby the arm the rest of year and hope his recent starts were just a "tired" arm? Or is he truly tipping pitches?

Also, is this the same approach the Reds are using with Magic? Resting a "tired" arm with the possibility of him coming to the BP in 2-3 weeks of rest?

I just don't see Michalek lasting very long positively at the #5 spot and I guess Lohse owns the #4 spot now. I'd like to see us buy some time at #5 spot for 2 more starts and hopefully have EZ back in there for September for 2 more starts, but don't know if rest is what can help a "tired" arm or if it is just general major league hitting knowing how to hit him?