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Thread: Do the Reds go after Julio Lugo in the Offseason?

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    Do the Reds go after Julio Lugo in the Offseason?

    He is a free agent, and could conceivably be the final piece to the infield puzzle. Depending on how this year goes, I doubt Aurilia, Castro, or Royce are back and we don't really have a solid SS in Louisville.

    I think it would be a smart pickup. Gives us more speed and he is solid defensively


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    Re: Do the Reds go after Julio Lugo in the Offseason?

    No thanks, we already have Royce Clayton!

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    Re: Do the Reds go after Julio Lugo in the Offseason?

    Phillips is going to be our SS next year, that much I can assure you.

    IMO if we can get Griffey to move to RF, we should try to get a good 2nd baseman or CFer. Whichever one we get, Freel plays the other position.

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    Re: Do the Reds go after Julio Lugo in the Offseason?

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    Re: Do the Reds go after Julio Lugo in the Offseason?

    Quote Originally Posted by flyer85
    caveman post of the year

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    Re: Do the Reds go after Julio Lugo in the Offseason?

    I think the thing you are missing is that he is not a good defender. At one point I was willing to take him on for the remainder of this season for the right deal, get some draft picks at the end of the season when someone else signed him and move on. But to sign him to a LTC in the neighborhood of 50 mill over 4-5 years, for a guy who is not a good defender and whom is already around 32 years old is not wise. Now if he would take less and play 2nd I would consider it.
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    Re: Do the Reds go after Julio Lugo in the Offseason?

    He's asking for an 8 million/year multiyear contract. No thanks.
    Thank you Walt and Bob for bringing winning baseball back to Cincy

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    Re: Do the Reds go after Julio Lugo in the Offseason?

    Lets just grab Hunter for cheaper and move Freel to 2nd
    Cincinnati Reds

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    Re: Do the Reds go after Julio Lugo in the Offseason?

    By all metrics, he's only slightly better with the glove than Felipe Lopez.
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    Re: Do the Reds go after Julio Lugo in the Offseason?

    Here is the list of FA

    Click table header to sort the complete list by category
    For options, T signifies team option, P signifies player option, M signifies mutual option and T/P signifies team and player option available.

    Player Team Position Roster Service Agent Age Option
    Antonio Alfonseca Texas Rangers RHRP FA 8.047 Juan Iglesias 34
    Edgardo Alfonzo New York Mets 3B Minors 10 Peter Greenberg 32
    Sandy Alomar Jr. Chicago White Sox C 25-man 16.047 John Boggs 40
    Moises Alou San Francisco Giants RF 25-man 15.037 Fernando Cuza 40 P
    Tony Armas Jr. Washington Nationals RHSP 25-man 6.001 Diego Bentz 28
    Pedro Astacio Washington Nationals RHSP 25-man 12.073 Steve Schnieder 36
    Rich Aurilia Cincinnati Reds 3B 25-man 10.027 Barry Axelrod 34 M
    Jeff Bagwell Houston Astros 1B 60-Day 15 Barry Axelrod 38 T
    Paul Bako Kansas City Royals C 25-man 7.14 Barry Meister 34
    Rod Barajas Texas Rangers C 25-man 5 Danny Horwits, Dan Lozano 30
    Miguel Batista Arizona Diamondbacks RHSP 25-man 8.045 Martin Arburua 35
    Tony Batista Minnesota Twins 3B FA 8.072 Andy Mota 32
    David Bell Milwaukee Brewers 3B 25-man 10.048 Joe Bick, Reich, Katz and Landis 33
    Mark Bellhorn San Diego Padres 3B 25-man 5.117 Mark Rodgers 31
    Ronnie Belliard St. Louis Cardinals 2B 25-man 6.162 31
    Gary Bennett St. Louis Cardinals C 25-man 6.133 34
    Craig Biggio Houston Astros 2B 25-man 17.099 Barry Axelrod 40
    Henry Blanco Chicago Cubs C 25-man 7.136 Steve Schneider 34
    Geoff Blum San Diego Padres 3B 25-man 6.056 33
    Barry Bonds San Francisco Giants LF 25-man 19.129 Jeff Borris/None 42
    Aaron Boone Cleveland Indians 3B 25-man 7.039 Reich, Katz and Landis 33 M
    Joe Borowski Florida Marlins RHRP 25-man 5.123 35
    Chad Bradford New York Mets RHRP 25-man 5.075 Rex Gary 31
    Doug Brocail San Diego Padres RHRP 25-man 11.134 39
    Jim Brower Florida Marlins RHRP Minors 5.129 Rex Gary 33
    Mark Buerhle Chicago White Sox LHSP 25-man 5.078 Jeff Berry 27 T
    Jeromy Burnitz Pittsburgh Pirates RF 25-man 11.064 Howard Simon 37 M
    Miguel Cairo New York Yankees 2B 15-Day 8.028 Sam and Seth Levinson 32
    Mike Cameron San Diego Padres CF 25-man 9.036 Mike Nicotera, Gene Casaleggio 33 T
    Sean Casey Detroit Tigers 1B 25-man 7.171 Ron Shapiro 32
    Vinny Castilla Colorado Rockies 3B Minors 13.056 Eric Goldschmidt 39
    Luis Castillo Minnesota Twins 2B 25-man 8.055 Sam and Seth Levinson 30 T
    Juan Castro Cincinnati Reds SS 25-man 9.024 Oscar Suarez 34 T
    Frank Catalanotto Toronto Blue Jays LF 25-man 7.171 Alan Nero 32
    Bruce Chen Baltimore Orioles LHSP 25-man 5.053 Scott Boras 29
    Jeff Cirillo Milwaukee Brewers 3B 25-man 11.064 Jeff Borris 36
    Royce Clayton Cincinnati Reds SS 25-man 13.132 Rick Licht, Ken Felder 36
    Roger Clemens Houston Astros RHSP 25-man 20.142 Randy and Alan Hendricks 44
    Jeff Conine Baltimore Orioles 1B 25-man 13.079 Joe McIntosh, Michael Watkins 40 M
    Alex Cora Boston Red Sox SS 25-man 6.161 30
    Francisco Cordero Milwaukee Brewers RHRP 25-man 6.046 Bean Stringfellow 31 T
    Craig Counsell Arizona Diamondbacks SS 15-Day 8.037 Barry Meister 35
    Jacob Cruz New York Mets RF Minors 6.037 33
    Jose Cruz Jr. Los Angeles Dodgers LF FA 8.063 Randy and Alan Hendricks 32
    Vic Darensbourg Cleveland Indians LHRP Minors 5.141 35
    Mike DeJean Colorado Rockies RHRP 15-Day 8.145 Mike Moye, Mils Shoda 35 M
    David Dellucci Philadelphia Phillies LF 25-man 7.097 Gregg Clifton 32
    Mark DeRosa Texas Rangers 2B 25-man 5.061 Lonnie Cooper 31
    Octavio Dotel New York Yankees RHRP 15-Day 6.113 Danny Horwits 32
    Erubiel Durazo Minnesota Twins 1B FA 5.071 Diego Bentz 31
    Ray Durham San Francisco Giants 2B 25-man 11 Ed Setlik 34
    Jermaine Dye Chicago White Sox RF 25-man 9.084 Bob Bry 32 T
    Ramon E. Martinez Los Angeles Dodgers SS 25-man 7.017 Alan Nero 33
    Damion Easley Arizona Diamondbacks 2B 25-man 12.117 Paul Cohen 36
    Adam Eaton Texas Rangers RHSP 25-man 5.125 Jim Lindell 28
    Jim Edmonds St. Louis Cardinals CF 25-man 12.027 Paul Cohen 36 T
    Joey Eischen Washington Nationals LHRP 60-Day 6.103 Alan Nero 36
    Alan Embree San Diego Padres LHRP 25-man 11.059 Chris Leible, Michael Maas 36
    Scott Erickson New York Yankees RHSP FA 15.031 38
    Darin Erstad Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim CF 15-Day 9.077 Greg Genske 32
    Shawn Estes San Diego Padres LHSP 15-Day 9.101 Dave Meier 33
    Carl Everett Seattle Mariners DH FA 11.051 Larry Reynolds 35
    Pedro Feliz San Francisco Giants 3B 25-man 5.031 31
    Robert Fick Washington Nationals C 15-Day 6.162 Joe Longo 32
    Steve Finley San Francisco Giants CF 25-man 17 Tommy Tanzer 41 T
    Cliff Floyd New York Mets LF 15-Day 11.17 Sam and Seth Levinson 33
    Keith Foulke Boston Red Sox RHRP 15-Day 8.094 Danny Horwits 33 M
    Ryan Franklin Cincinnati Reds RHRP 25-man 5.022 Jay Franklin 33
    Aaron Fultz Philadelphia Phillies LHRP 25-man 5.127 32
    Eric Gagne Los Angeles Dodgers CL 15-Day 5.119 Scott Boras 30 T
    Nomar Garciaparra Los Angeles Dodgers 1B 25-man 9.03 Arn Tellem 33
    Tom Glavine New York Mets LHSP 25-man 18.052 Gregg Clifton 40 T/P
    Chris Gomez Baltimore Orioles 2B 25-man 12.041 Alan Meersand 35
    Luis Gonzalez Arizona Diamondbacks LF 25-man 15.032 Greg Genske, Terry Bross 38 M
    Alex Gonzalez Boston Red Sox SS 25-man 7.034 Eric Goldschmidt 29
    Jeremi Gonzalez Milwaukee Brewers RHRP 25-man 5.097 31
    Alex S. Gonzalez Philadelphia Phillies 3B Retired 11.055 Jim Bronner 33
    Tony Graffanino Milwaukee Brewers 3B 25-man 8.125 Dan Lozano, Jeff Borris 34
    Todd Greene San Francisco Giants C 25-man 6.155 Mike Nicotera 35
    Jason Grimsley Arizona Diamondbacks RHRP FA 10.149 Joe Bick 39
    Mark Grudzielanek Kansas City Royals 2B 25-man 10.129 Sam and Seth Levinson 36 P
    Eddie Guardado Cincinnati Reds LHRP 25-man 11.141 Kevin Kohler 35
    Jose Guillen Washington Nationals RF 15-Day 8.051 Gregg Clifton (fired Andy Mota and Adam Katz) 30
    Jerry Hairston Jr. Texas Rangers 2B 25-man 5.138 Casey Close 30
    John Halama Baltimore Orioles LHRP FA 7.034 34
    Chris Hammond Cincinnati Reds LHRP FA 11.067 Bo McKinnis 40
    LaTroy Hawkins Baltimore Orioles RHRP 25-man 9.054 Larry Reynolds 33
    Rick Helling Milwaukee Brewers RHSP 25-man 8.035 35
    Wes Helms Florida Marlins 3B 25-man 6.018 Lonnie Cooper 30
    Matt Herges Florida Marlins RHRP 25-man 5.065 36
    Dustin Hermanson Chicago White Sox RHRP 15-Day 9.106 Casey Close 33 T
    Roberto Hernandez New York Mets RHRP 25-man 14.02 Randy and Alan Hendricks 41
    Orlando Hernandez New York Mets RHSP 25-man 7.117 Greg Genske 36
    Jose Hernandez Pittsburgh Pirates SS 25-man 12.069 Scott Boras 37
    Richard Hidalgo New York Yankees RF MFA 7.029 Peter Greenberg 31
    Shea Hillenbrand San Francisco Giants 1B 25-man 5.034 Dan Lozano (fired Adam Katz) 31
    Todd Hollandsworth Cincinnati Reds LF 25-man 11 33
    Mike Holtz Boston Red Sox LHRP FA 5.147 33
    Aubrey Huff Houston Astros 3B 25-man 5.003 29
    Torii Hunter Minnesota Twins CF 25-man 6.135 Patrick Murphy 31 T
    Damian Jackson Washington Nationals 2B 25-man 6.15 32
    Kevin Jarvis Arizona Diamondbacks RHRP Minors 6 Barry Meister 37
    Jason Johnson Boston Red Sox RHSP 25-man 7.14 Tommy Tanzer, Alan Nero 32 M
    Brian Jordan Atlanta Braves 1B 60-Day 13.048 Jim Turner 39
    Gabe Kapler Boston Red Sox RF 25-man 6.089 Paul Cohen 30
    Steve Karsay Oakland Athletics RHRP Retired 10.025 Randy and Alan Hendricks 34
    Adam Kennedy Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 2B 25-man 6.045 30
    Byung-Hyun Kim Colorado Rockies RHSP 25-man 6.009 Greg Genske, Victor Lee 27 T
    Ray King Colorado Rockies LHRP 25-man 5.137 Dave Meier 32 T
    Ryan Klesko San Diego Padres LF 15-Day 12.078 SFX 35 T
    Steve Kline San Francisco Giants LHRP 25-man 8.115 33
    Dan Kolb Milwaukee Brewers RHRP 25-man 5.119 Scott Boras 31
    Tim Laker Cleveland Indians C Minors 5.138 36
    Matt Lawton Seattle Mariners RF FA 9.169 Sam and Seth Levinson 34
    Ricky Ledee New York Mets LF 25-man 7.023 Greg Genske 32
    Travis Lee Tampa Bay Devil Rays 1B 25-man 8 Scott Boras 31
    Carlos Lee Texas Rangers LF 25-man 6.15 Adam Katz 30
    Cory Lidle New York Yankees RHSP 25-man 8.1 Jordan Feagan 34
    Mike Lieberthal Philadelphia Phillies C 25-man 11.005 Arn Tellem 34
    Ted Lilly Toronto Blue Jays LHSP 25-man 5.102 30
    Jose Lima New York Mets RHSP Minors 9.149 Joe Klein 33
    Kenny Lofton Los Angeles Dodgers CF 25-man 14.023 Casey Close 39
    Terrence Long New York Yankees LF Minors 5.17 Casey Close 30
    Javy Lopez Boston Red Sox C 25-man 12.066 Chuck Berry 35
    Mark Loretta Boston Red Sox 2B 25-man 10.011 Bob Garber 35
    Julio Lugo Los Angeles Dodgers SS 25-man 5.152 Jeff Borris 30
    John Mabry Chicago Cubs RF 25-man 11.146 Dale Reichley 35
    Greg Maddux Los Angeles Dodgers RHSP 25-man 19.021 Scott Boras 40
    Matt Mantei Detroit Tigers RHRP MFA 9.131 Bob Garber 33
    Jason Marquis St. Louis Cardinals RHSP 25-man 5.012 27
    Eli Marrero New York Mets LF DFA 7.161 Sam and Seth Levinson 32
    Tom Martin Colorado Rockies LHRP 25-man 7.049 36
    Gary Matthews Jr. Texas Rangers CF 25-man 5.104 Danny Horwits 31
    Joe Mays Cincinnati Reds RHSP Minors 6.157 Steve Hilliard, Joe Urbon 30
    Quinton McCracken Minnesota Twins CF Minors 8.109 35
    Joe McEwing Houston Astros 1B Minors 5.162 33
    Brian Meadows Tampa Bay Devil Rays RHRP 25-man 6.076 Dan Horwits 30
    Gil Meche Seattle Mariners RHSP 25-man 5.029 Greg Landry 27
    Kent Mercker Cincinnati Reds LHRP 15-Day 14.148 Casey Close 38
    Jose Mesa Colorado Rockies RHRP 25-man 15.028 Mitch Frankel 40 T
    Doug Mientkiewicz Kansas City Royals 1B 15-Day 6.013 Greg Landry 32
    Kevin Millar Baltimore Orioles 1B 25-man 7.136 Sam and Seth Levinson 34
    Trever Miller Houston Astros LHRP 25-man 5.095 33 T
    Damian Miller Milwaukee Brewers C 25-man 8.023 Bob Garber 36 T/P
    Doug Mirabelli Boston Red Sox C 25-man 7.034 35
    Brian Moehler Florida Marlins RHSP 25-man 8.01 Lonnie Cooper 34
    Bengie Molina Toronto Blue Jays C 25-man 6.077 Alan Nero 32 M
    Guillermo Mota Cleveland Indians RHRP DFA 5.159 Adam Katz 33
    Jamie Moyer Seattle Mariners LHSP 25-man 17.126 Himself 43
    Mark Mulder St. Louis Cardinals LHSP 15-Day 5.167 Gregg Clifton and Octagon Sports Mgt. 29
    Terry Mulholland Arizona Diamondbacks LHRP FA 17.155 Joe Bick 43
    Mike Mussina New York Yankees RHSP 25-man 14.066 Arn Tellem 37 T
    Jeff Nelson Chicago White Sox RHRP 15-Day 12.135 Ron Shapiro, Jay Franklin 39
    Phil Nevin Chicago Cubs 1B 25-man 9.113 Barry Axelrod 35
    Trot Nixon Boston Red Sox RF 15-Day 7.044 Ron Shapiro 32
    Greg Norton Tampa Bay Devil Rays 1B 25-man 7.006 Michael Moye 34
    Tomo Ohka Milwaukee Brewers RHSP 25-man 5.07 Jim Masteralexis 30
    Darren Oliver New York Mets LHRP 25-man 10.127 Jeff Frye, Jay Franklin 35
    Ramon Ortiz Washington Nationals RHSP 25-man 5.14 Pat Roache 33
    Vicente Padilla Texas Rangers RHSP 25-man 5.105 28
    Chan Ho Park San Diego Padres RHSP 25-man 10.045 Scott Boras 33
    Jay Payton Oakland Athletics LF 25-man 6.128 Reich, Katz and Landis 33
    Troy Percival Detroit Tigers RHRP 60-Day 11 Paul Cohen 37
    Eduardo Perez Seattle Mariners 1B 25-man 8.064 36 T
    Tomas Perez Tampa Bay Devil Rays SS 25-man 7.14 32
    Andy Pettitte Houston Astros LHSP 25-man 11 Randy and Alan Hendricks 34
    Mike Piazza San Diego Padres C 25-man 13.034 Dan Lozano 37 M
    Juan Pierre Chicago Cubs CF 25-man 5.056 Mark Pieper 29
    Cliff Politte Chicago White Sox RHRP FA 5.154 32
    Sidney Ponson New York Yankees RHSP 25-man 7.152 Barry Praver 29
    Todd Pratt Atlanta Braves C 25-man 11.052 Himself (fired agent Peter Grosz after 2005 season) 39
    Brad Radke Minnesota Twins RHSP 25-man 11 Ron Simon 33
    Joe Randa Pittsburgh Pirates 3B 25-man 10.114 Ron Shapiro 36
    Mark Redman Kansas City Royals LHSP 25-man 6.041 Casey Close 32
    Desi Relaford St. Louis Cardinals SS MFA 8.015 Dan Lozano, Danny Horwits 32
    Mike Remlinger Atlanta Braves LHRP FA 10.068 40
    Dennys Reyes Minnesota Twins LHRP 25-man 6.133 Oscar Suarez 29
    Arthur Rhodes Philadelphia Phillies LHRP 25-man 13.02 Dan Horwits 36
    David Riske Chicago White Sox RHRP 25-man 5.116 29
    Dave Roberts San Diego Padres LF 25-man 5.036 John Boggs 34
    Felix Rodriguez Washington Nationals RHRP 60-Day 9 Fernando Cuza, Bob Bry 33
    J.C. Romero Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim LHRP 25-man 5.055 Don Lozano 30 T
    Tim Salmon Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim DH 25-man 12.045 Ted Updike 37
    Julio Santana Philadelphia Phillies RHRP 60-Day 5.079 Scott Shapiro 32
    Scott Sauerbeck Oakland Athletics LHRP 25-man 6 Adam Hubble 34
    Jason Schmidt San Francisco Giants RHSP 25-man 10.063 Randy and Alan Hendricks 33
    Scott Schoeneweis Toronto Blue Jays LHRP 25-man 6.111 Scott Boras 32
    Rudy Seanez Boston Red Sox RHRP 25-man 10.123 David Schwartz 37 T
    Aaron Sele Los Angeles Dodgers RHSP 25-man 12.052 Adam Katz 36
    Gary Sheffield New York Yankees RF 15-Day 17.031 Himself (contract), Rufus Williams (PR) and Mead Chasky (marketing) and Scott Boras (former agent) 37 T
    Ruben Sierra Minnesota Twins DH FA 16.085 Chuck Berry 40
    John Smoltz Atlanta Braves RHSP 25-man 17.072 Lonnie Cooper 39 T
    J.T. Snow Boston Red Sox 1B FA 12.121 Danny Horwits 38
    Alfonso Soriano Washington Nationals LF 25-man 5.079 Diego Bentz 30
    Justin Speier Toronto Blue Jays RHRP 15-Day 6.082 32
    Scott Spiezio St. Louis Cardinals 3B 25-man 7.163 Barry Meister 33
    Russ Springer Houston Astros RHRP 25-man 10.128 Randy and Alan Hendricks 37
    Matt Stairs Texas Rangers RF 25-man 10.077 Bob Garber 38
    Mike Stanton San Francisco Giants LHRP 25-man 16.039 Sam and Seth Levinson 39
    Shannon Stewart Minnesota Twins LF 15-Day 8.121 Greg Genske 32
    Kelly Stinnett New York Yankees C FA 10.119 36
    Tanyon Sturtze New York Yankees RHRP 60-Day 6.083 35
    Jeff Suppan St. Louis Cardinals RHSP 25-man 8.164 Scott Leventhal and Damon Lapa (fired agent Jeff Borris of agency BHSC) 31
    Frank Thomas Oakland Athletics DH 25-man 15.063 Arn Tellem, Mike Moye 38
    John Thomson Atlanta Braves RHSP 15-Day 8.061 Chris Arnold 32
    Mike Timlin Boston Red Sox RHRP 25-man 15 Himself (Fired David Sloane as agent in Oct. 2005) 40
    Steve Trachsel New York Mets RHSP 25-man 12.017 Sam and Seth Levinson 35
    Michael Tucker New York Mets RF 25-man 10.116 Michael Moss 35
    Javier Valentin Cincinnati Reds C 25-man 5.036 SFX 30
    Jose Valentin New York Mets LF 25-man 12.058 David Elston 36
    Ron Villone New York Yankees LHRP 25-man 9.112 Scott Boras 36
    Jose Vizcaino San Francisco Giants SS 25-man 15.115 Adam Katz 38
    Tim Wakefield Boston Red Sox RHSP 15-Day 12.006 Barry Meister 40 T
    Jamie Walker Detroit Tigers LHRP 25-man 5.125 Phil Tannenbaum 35
    Todd Walker San Diego Padres 1B 25-man 8.057 Alan Meersand, Greg Genske, Brian Carlin 33
    Daryle Ward Washington Nationals 1B 25-man 6.044 31
    John Wasdin Texas Rangers RHSP FA 7 34
    David Weathers Cincinnati Reds RHRP 25-man 12.044 David Sloane 36
    Jeff Weaver St. Louis Cardinals RHSP 25-man 6 Scott Boras 29
    David Wells Boston Red Sox LHSP 25-man 18.019 Gregg Clifton and Wells' wife, Nina 43
    Kip Wells Texas Rangers RHSP 25-man 5.116 29
    Rondell White Minnesota Twins LF 15-Day 11.162 Sam and Seth Levinson 34 T
    Rick White Philadelphia Phillies RHRP 25-man 9.051 Danny Horwits 37
    Bob Wickman Atlanta Braves CL 25-man 13.043 Dick Moss 37
    Chris Widger Baltimore Orioles C 25-man 8.034 35
    Bernie Williams New York Yankees RF 25-man 13.168 Scott Boras 37
    Woody Williams San Diego Padres RHSP 25-man 12.143 Barry Meister 39
    Scott Williamson San Diego Padres RHRP 25-man 7 Greg Genske 30
    Paul Wilson Cincinnati Reds RHSP 60-Day 8.008 Randy and Alan Hendricks 33 T
    Vance Wilson Detroit Tigers C 25-man 5.028 33
    Preston Wilson Houston Astros LF DFA 7.038 Bob Bry 32 T
    Craig Wilson New York Yankees 1B 25-man 5 Steve Hillard 29
    Randy Wolf Philadelphia Phillies LHSP 25-man 6.115 29
    Tony Womack Chicago Cubs 2B FA 9.137 Sam and Seth Levinson 36
    Kerry Wood Chicago Cubs RHSP 15-Day 7.169 Pat Rooney, Greg Landry (SFX) 29 M
    Chris Woodward New York Mets 2B 25-man 5.153 30
    Jamey Wright San Francisco Giants RHSP 25-man 7.11 Casey Close 31
    Esteban Yan Kansas City Royals RHRP Minors 8.023 Alan Nero 31
    Dmitri Young Detroit Tigers 1B 25-man 9.022 Adam Katz 32
    Eric Young Texas Rangers LF Minors 13.067 Rick Thurman, Jim Turner 39
    Gregg Zaun Toronto Blue Jays C 25-man 10.093 Danny Horwits 35
    Barry Zito Oakland Athletics LHSP 25-man 5.072 Scott Boras 28

    Assuming the new tv deal is true, we should have maybe 10 million to spend (is that to much?). A few names that intrigue me:

    Miguel Batista
    Joe Borowski
    Mike Buerhle
    Mike Cameron
    Francisco Cordero
    Jermaine Dye
    Dustin Hermanson
    Ted Lilly
    Julio Lugo
    Gil Meche
    Jason Schmidt
    Randy Wolf
    Barry Zito

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    Re: Do the Reds go after Julio Lugo in the Offseason?

    I just read a half-dozen articles on Julio Lugo being arrested in 2003 while a member of the Houston Astros. The Astros demoted him after his arrest and his contract was eventually traded to the Devil Rays.

    This piece from Wikipedia sums up the gist of those articles. However, I read in one of the articles that Lugo was facing a year in jail until his wife recanted her story. Good thing for Julio that she finally remembered what really happened, huh? (wink-wink) The 'facing a year in jail' wasn't mentioned in this Wikipedia piece.

    On April 30 2003, Lugo was arrested and charged with assulting his wife, Mabely Lugo outside of Minute Maid Park in Houston before playing the Atlanta Braves. Mabely was treated and released from a hospital, and filed a restraining order against Julio. Mabely originally contended that Julio punched her in the head and slammed her head into the windshield of their car. Julio contested that he was acting in self defense by blocking an attack by his wife, who hit herself and stumbled into the car, smashing her head into the windshield. Mabely later changed her story to coordinate with her husband's, and dropped the restraining order, however Julio was still tried in court accused of misdemeanor assault. Julio was eventually found not-guilty, and he has remained out of trouble since this incident.
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    Re: Do the Reds go after Julio Lugo in the Offseason?

    looks like we will be droping some bagage come the offseason.
    there's nothing like bowling a 300 game! 13 now and retired.

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    Re: Do the Reds go after Julio Lugo in the Offseason?

    Wow did you see all of the veteran catchers and relief pitchers on that list, Jerry Narron will have a field day.

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    Re: Do the Reds go after Julio Lugo in the Offseason?

    And scrappy infielders galore. The possibilities, Wes Helms, Todd Walker, Jose Vizquiano, Mark De Rosa.

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    Re: Do the Reds go after Julio Lugo in the Offseason?

    Quote Originally Posted by jamess697
    No thanks, we already have Royce Clayton!
    I seriously hope you are kidding, plus Royce's contract is done after this season, if Krivsky gives him a contract extension i will cry.
    I'd kill for a Nobel Peace Prize.

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