Hopefully this can be a valuable discussion on the construction of a team.

"Scrappy vet" has almost become a cussword here at RZ. The general implication is that youth is inherrantly good, virtious and more productive than anybody over say, 30 years old. That's the implication, I'm not saying people actually think that.

How much of an asset is experience for a given player? How much should experience be considered in team construction?

I'm not talking the 37 year old player who can't cut it anymore. I'm talking about the 30 to 35 year old who can still produce and has been "through the wars". What is that worth to a team?

I know it's intangable and hard to meausure. And I am NOT suggesting that experience trumps skill , I'm just throwing the question out for discussion.

Please, EE vs. RA battles need-not-apply. There's plenty of threads about that subject already. And yes, we know Clayton is horrible.