Aight, just got bored started doing a little math

Anyways we have 22 Away Games remaining. We are currently 31-28 on the Road. which is .525

If we continue to play .525 ball on the road we will win 11.5 Games on the road.

13 Remaining home games. currently 35-33 for .514. Playing .514 in those 13 and we win 6.6 more games at home.

11.5 + 6.6 = 18.1

So If baseball is mathmatical we will win 18 MORE games based on our current %'s.

66-61 Currently

if we finish 18-17 in the last 35 games we will finish with a record of: 84-78

Now there is much more to factor in here. We are 6-4 against the pirates with 6 more games to play against them.

Pirates 6 more games, 6-4 vs them
Dodgers 3 more games, 0-3 vs them
Giants 7 games, 0-0
Padres 6 games, 0-0
Marlins 3 Games, 2-1
Cubs 7 Games, 5-7
Astros 3 Games, 9-3

So based on those %'s We:
Win 4 vs Pirates
Win 0 vs Dodgers
Win ? vs Padres and Giants
Win 2 vs Marlins
Win 3 vs Cubs
Win 2 vs Astros

See the important games? 11 Wins + what we can get vs the Padres and Giants.

Therefore the next 2 weeks are VERY VERY IMPORTANT. All the games are important but these 13 Games against teh padres and Giants could be the diff in a winning season.....or another season below .500

11 wins + .500 ball in those 13 will be 17 wins.. .600 ball is roughly 19 wins

Sorry if this is confusing but it aint to me lol i just bascilly took down notes on here as i did some figuring.

How i think we'll finish Based on What I did here:

Win 4 vs Pirates
Win 1 vs Dodgers
Win 3 vs Padres
Win 5 vs Giants
Win 2 vs Marlins
Win 3 vs Cubs
Win 2 vs Astros

Thats a 20-15 Record to finish the season.. sitting us at:

But hey, ask me again in 10-15 Games.. cause like i said.. after our 13 games against the Padres and Giants, I feel we'll have a firm grasp on where we gonna be.