Assuming we make the playoffs ( and I think we will as the NL central winner. the Cards are really weak this year ) lets look at our playoff bench:

We won't need a 5th starter so an extra bench player ( 6 not 5 ) makes sense in the post season.

1. Valentine - backup catcher / LH pinch hitter
2. Castro - backup infielder / late inning defense
3. ?
4. ??
5. ???
6. ????

LaRue won't be needed. We won't need 3 catchers in the playoffs & hit bat is terrible. Clayton is the same as Castro. I'll assume Hollandsworth is #3 if he hits in September

And if we make the World series we will have to get a DH.
Maybe a Valentin/Castro platoon??? :thumbdown

If I were Wayne I'd be looking at who cleared waivers and whether we can improve the playoff bench.

- Will