I was excited to see the mail today, when the envelope on top had a return address of Great American Ballpark and read "Playoff Ticket Information - Open immediately."

I was one of those people who were sucked into buying the pro-rated full season plan for the final 19 home game. Of course I did this so I would have the opportunity to buy playoff tickets.

I really love my seats, which are in the sun/moon deck in 141. The maximum number of games throughout the playoffs at GABP is 10. So for my two seats for 10 games the price is $ 1,505.00. The Reds also give you the opportunity to purchase two bonus tickets thorughout the playoffs. So if I were to buy my seats plus the bonus seats the price is 2,985.00. This is expensive, but Major League Baseball sets these prices.

Now the part I really have a problem with. Obviously if any of these games are not played, you get your money back, right? Wrong. The Reds will not return any of your money. Instead, they will credit your 2007 ticket account. So, basically by roping me into the final 19 game pro-rated plan, I'm forced to buy season tickets for 2007 if I want the playoff tickets. This seems very deceptive and unfair.

I know Cyclone bought the pro-rated plan as well. Were you aware of this policy?

Does this seem wrong or is it just me? Oh well, hopefully the Reds will make it all the way through and win World Series and play all 10 of those games.