Here's what I thought was an interesting test of our tactical baseball managerial skills.

While this scenario was ripped from the headlines (I think I owe Dick Wolf $1 now) this is a generic scenario with no teams or player names attached. If you want to talk about the game last night please do so in a game thread.

Here's the scenario: Down by 1 in the top of the 8th (you are the visiting team). 1 out. Runner on 3B and 1B. Solid contact hitter at the plate, but he's been struggling latley so he isn't the guarenteed hit he usually is. Also, he is slow so the chance of hitting into an inning ending double play is pretty good. Guy on 1B has some wheels but does get caught so he isn't a guarenteed steel either.

As the coach of the Cyber-Galatic Cincinnati Somethings do you try to steal 2B to put the runner in better scoring position and reduce the chances of a double play OR do focus on getting the tying run on 3B home and trust your slumping hitter will save the day?

You make the call! (crud, now I think I owe NFL $1).