Anyone else out there bummed by this? I have been watching this show since the very beginning when it was on Showtime. Recently, the Sci-Fi Channel announced that they will not be picking the show back up after the current season (10th!). The show's producers have alluded that they may carry on the franchise via tv movies, big budget movie or a 3rd spinoff series. I just hate to see the show end without some sort of closure for many of the characters. I agree that the absence of Richard Dean Anderson may have caused some fans to lose interest, but the new characters introduced over the last couple of seasons are meshing well with the veteran cast. I think there are still a lot of potential directions the storyline could take (one that intrigues me would be if the 'general public' found out about the Stargate program and the existence of the many life forms and worlds they have encountered). Anyway, as a bona-fide sci-fi chick, it's just hard to let go of a cool show I've enjoyed for so many years. As a side note, I just can't seem to get into Atlantis..not sure why..I guess the characters just don't grab me like SG-1 did.