Interesting choice of a fundraiser for a school but I bet funds weren't the only thing they raised.

Considering the almost everyday occurrence of teacher-student sex scandals, you would think a school district would distance themselves from an idea like this.

Strippers Raise Money For Vegas Schools

POSTED: 9:18 am EDT August 31, 2006
UPDATED: 9:43 am EDT August 31, 2006

LAS VEGAS -- Exotic dancers held a detention session with a difference at a Las Vegas strip club as part of a recent fundraiser.

The dancers, who were dressed as teachers, schoolgirls and librarians, took off their clothes to raise money for the cash-strapped Clark County School District. Scores Las Vegas raised $2,500 during the event.

District officials said they don't condone stripping for schools and noted that the money actually went to a nonprofit corporation that supports the school system.

The foundation said the strip club donation will be used to buy supplies and computers for Las Vegas teachers.