It's too late now, but I wish they had built the park to be at least a slight pitchers' park. With all the bandboxes in the league, it possibly would've given the Reds a homefield advantage to have a pitcher's park. Most of Dunn's HRs are no doubters anyhow.

Bowden and Allen were thinking short term. They wanted to build a park to help Casey and Jr hit Hr. I always thought that plan of "loading up on LH pitchers and batters" was flawed.

Anyhow, you build a pitcher's park and then possibly you don't have to spend as much money on premium starting pitchers. Make the OF large, get great gloves in the OF, and you have a nice advantage. I know Colorado tried that and failed, but the ball moves so fast up there when hit hard, I'm not sure that's a fair comparison.

The other advantage of having a pitching park is that it can make mediocre pitchers look a lot better for trade. (Kind of like Washington). If the park aided pitching numbers make the pitchers too pricey, you wouldn't have that much problem trading them.