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Nobody has implied that Homer can be an ace? I say they have. People do it all the time.
No one has implied that someone with "potential" is "guaranteed success". Those are the words used by Ltlabner and now you've diluted them down to "...implied that Homer can be an ace..."

You've translated the demand of "guaranteed success" into an "implication of could be".

Nobody said YOU feel this way Steel but your responses seem as though this thread has struck a nerve.
Alas, I have a weakness for burning down strawmen and smacking people with their own fabricated hall monitor badges. Sue me.

I don't believe anyone interpreted his 12:00 on their 30th birthday line to be a direct quote from anyone. To me he simply meant that it seems a lot of guys are put out to pasture once they reach 30. But you blow up and say that nobody has ever said anything close to that.
That's simply another dilution of what the Ltlabner actually posted. And I'm not sure why you give him so little credit. He's capable of posting what he actually means rather than relying on other to translate his words into what he actually meant. You might think you're helping by diluting those strawmen to the point where they actually would make sense had he typed your words in place of his, but that's a support of my position rather than his. Good work. Really.

Your right, I didn't enter this thread to talk baseball. I entered this thread because I saw a pretty harsh overreaction to a guy posting some, "random thoughts" that didn't mention you or anyone else.
Put the fake hall monitor badge down and back away slowly. And please refrain from acting as if you're fighting someone else's battle. You're fighting yours and you darned well know it.