The Tigers are young?

Their ace is 41. Their closer is 37. Most of the position players are 29 or older. Their two catchers are 32 and 33. They do have some nice young pitchers but they are harldy the Marlins. This is a vet based team:

Kenny Rodgers, Todd Jones, Magglio Ordonez, Carlos Guillen, Dmitri Young, Sean Casey, Pudge, Placido Palanco. Even guys like Inge, Thames andn Monroe are 29.

The Twins are closer to the Marlins but it also helps when you have homegrown kids like Mauer and Liriano on top of what might be the best pitcher in baseball. The Reds can't trade Larue and bring up Joe Mauer and we can't dump Eric Milton and call up Francisco Liriano. The Twins are young but they still count on Luis Castillo, Torri Hunter, Brad Radke and Joe Nathan. At the start of the year they were counting on Rondell White.

If the Reds want to go with kids like the Marlins, Twins and Tigers, I think they should build up the farm system to match those teams first.