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Anyways I think one thing about Stubbs that is pretty amazing is that hes consistantly had a pretty good OBP. Its never been BA driven which is a good sign.
Stubbs needs a full year at AAA. I wouldn't even give him a cup of coffee in September this year. If he can figure out the power part, and make adjustments (something his stats last year say he had a little trouble with) then he isn't a bust. This is coming from someone that thought he was a waste of a pick.

I'd like to see his power match his size a bit more, and I think Heisey is hot on his heals, and maybe passing him as the top CF in the system. In a larger sample, Heaisey has outhit Stubbs at AA, and by a wide margin. Stubbs has run more this season, but Heisey has been more successful. Power wise, Heisey in a landslide.

And none of that makes Stubbs a bust right now. The Reds have an interesting OF situation developing. Heisey, Frazier, Dorn (I think he's starting to heat up.) and Stubbs. Alonso is a wildcard that could force Votto to LF (I don't think he should, but he could.)

It looks like the Reds once again are about to have a glut of outfielders.