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If I were him, my step 4 would be to never step foot on a football field again.

He was very very lucky, and if he comes through this relatively unscathed, IMPO, he'd be nuts to play again.

God bless!

Well, isn't it ironic that David's wife (or whomever) posted something different than what is stated here. It may have been posted by a friend with his wife's permission.

He severed his C-6... believe it or not, that means it IS damanged regardless of whether or not he isn't paralyzed.

Not career threatening? How does he know at this stage. They don't even know yet if he'll require surgery. Plus, David may not want to take the chance of damaging it again in the future when he might be as lucky.
The man is a football player. I've met him and he has exceptional drive and determination. If he is medically cleared to play, there's no way he'd ever consider retiring.