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Uh. You're the one making comparisons to Lewis. In your mind, it's clearly not a 50/50 shot. It's a leadpipe cinch.

My point is to say, rightly, that what Marvin Lewis has done is nothing short of miraculous, considering how awful the franchise was when he took over. His getting them to competition as quickly as he did is nothing short of a masterstroke. Your saying, on the other hand, that Wayne will see similar results in the same time frame is what I contend with; the Reds that he inherited weren't in as bad a shape as Marvin's Bengals, and it's absolutely positively going to take more than next season to see playoff caliber results from the Reds. I'd say the Reds have an outside shot at contention in 2008, but every last thing is going to have to go right.
Well, McFly, you've completely befuddled me with that retort. "I'll be right" must not be any sort of prediction of future events, whereby those events either will or will not transpire. But the consolation, at least you finally made an attempt at explaining your reasoning for opposing my Marvin/Wayne analogy made weeks ago in another thread that you trumped prior to this with the same profundity: "I'm right."