I need help selecting one more player too keep. I can keep three and I decided to keep D.Ortiz(no brainer) and Thome(some risk), it's the third one I'm having trouble deciding on. The low down on this league. A player can be kept only if he is drafted after the 5th round. Here are my options:

A.Dunn - (keeper I traded for) 6 weekes ago I thought he would be a lock, now...not so much. Might not finish with 100RBI and too many k's

Schilling - (drafted 6th rd)Top 20 pitcher, getting up there in age and limping to the finishline

Verlander - (undrafted)Young star, fizzled in the last 8 or so starts

M.Ordonez - (drafted 20th rd)Long shot

E.E. - (undrafted) loads of potential with 30Hr, 100RBI potential, could be a top 6-7 3rd basemen

Del.Young - (drafted 15th rd, then waived)This is the one I keep looking back too. If I don't keep him now then he will go to the draft and likely picked up before the 5th round ends. (example: someone drafted King Felix in round 5 so he wouldn't get to the 6th round keeper eliglble status) But still might have shown enough to be a top 5 rd pick.

What do you guys think? A few opinion would be cool!!! Thanks!