Yesterday I went to the Cubbies-Reds game with my mama, whom I have not been to a baseball game with (just the two of us) since I was a little kid, despite the fact that she was the one who introduced me to the sport. I was going to post about it on the game thread, but I see that there is none. So let it be said: this was the best Reds game I have been to all year, apart from maybe the smackdown at Wrigley the second week of the season. It was flat-out awesome. The weather was made for baseball, there were a lot of people there with a lot of kids (quite a lot of them following the Bengals game), which made me happy, and the game itself was fabulous and would have garnered a lot more attention if it wasn't, you know, kinda worthless. Complete, excellent game for Harang -- his strikes vs. ball rate was insane) and an absolutely bang-up bottom of the ninth from all of the unlikeliest suspects, including, as my mother will now forever refer to him, Roll It Royce. From a Cubs-hating perspective, the only thing that could possibly have made it better was if they walked in the winning run -- which of course they were very close to doing; the last hit was on a full count -- but from a baseball-loving perspective, it was just perfect. There was a sense of community and relaxation and happiness in the ballpark which I have not felt for a long time.

So it chilled me out a little bit, and made me remember that all told, I have loved this season for the Reds. It has been so different from the last few years in a lot of ways, and I think there have been some brilliant moves and there have unquestionably been some brilliant moments. This is not to say that I blindly accept everything they have done and continue to do and that I won't continue to be furious with them a lot over the coming months. But I stand by this: this was a special team for me this year, I loved the mishmash of players we had even if I want a handful of them yanked off the field for good, and I think they scrounged together a very entertaining season from bunch of weird parts. I am really happy to have followed the team through this board as well. The Reds have a lot of work to do before they are a really good team. But I'll tell you, it was really nice to just enjoy a great Sunday baseball game. That's all.

But moving on: do we do anything on this board regarding postseason, thoughts, predictions, etc? The Reds are all but out of it, but I for one looooove postseason baseball in all forms, and have still not quite forgiven the world for putting some of the games on cable. Do we ever have game threads?

I liked Cyclone's post about who we will all be rooting for, but would anybody be interested in a predictions thread?