Ok. I will list my current roster. This is a points per reception league 1 pt = 10 yards rushing, 1 pt = 15 yards receiving, and 1 point = 20 yards passing.

We start 2 QB, 3 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 2 DEF, only have 3 bench spots.

QB - Brady
QB - Bulger
RB - R. Brown
RB - R. Bush
WR - Chambers
WR - Housh
WR - A. Bryant
TE - Heap
K - Rackers
DEF - Atlanta
DEF - Minnesota

BN - I. Bruce
BN - M. Bell
BN - Grossman

The questions. With all the injuries and break out games by different players this past weekend there are a lot of good players on waivers in this league. It is a 9am first come 1st serve waiver wire and this league has good owners who will be awake with me in the morning to pick people up.

I plan on dropping Bell and Bruce for sure, and possibly Grossman.

Players I'm targeting:

Kitna (surprised he's on the wire)
Maurice Morris - Now the starter in Seattle
Maurice Jones-Drew - Could be big in a PPR league like this
Chris Henry - Stud, good insurance on TJ, could get suspended, #3 WR on CIN
Matt Leinhart - Could be huge in the 2nd half with all the weapons in ARI
Michael Turner - Good insurance on LT, can have big games in blowouts
Michael Robinson - Is Gore going to stay healthy?
Chris Perry - Will be back when eligible for CIN, big in PPR league
Greg Jennings - Favre trusts him

Ok, I need to know who to try for 1st, 2nd, etc

Kitna for Grossman
Bell for Morris
Bell for Jones-Drew
Bell for Turner
Bruce for Leinhart
Bruce for whatever RB I don't get from above

Does that look reasonable? I guess my biggest question is what player on the waiver wire should I go after as the clock strikes 9am?