I was listening to ESPN Radio tonight and they were making fun of the new Arizona Cardinals stadium being named University of Phoenix Stadium which is an online college. And that got me thinking. What do you all think is the best name for a stadium that sold its naming rights?

I seriously believe that Great American Ballpark is by far the best and thatís not just cause Iím a Reds fan. When my dad and I first heard the name years ago he went crazy cause he thought they were going to name the stadium without selling the rights. We had no idea it was an insurance company at the time. We just thought it sounded awesome. I also love how they used Ballpark instead of Field or Stadium.

So what do you think is the best name for a sports stadium that sold out?

You can give me the worst name if you want.

Best: Great American Ballpark
Worst: Quicken Loans Arena (Gund Arena in Cleveland)