Forgive me in advance for the following rant. I have to let it go.........

Why do I even get excited with this team?

Just as they get close or have a reason to be excited, they choke.

Every September, I tell myself I'm done with this crappy team and organization and every spring I'm back and giddy as a schoolgirl. This spring I was so excited that I predicted a 82-80 record. Can you believe I was so excited to think this was a .500 team? How my standards have been lowered. And look at the run differential. They are not even a .500 team, even though they are a few wins away from making me look like a genius (in my own mind).

Here we are. Another lost season. Three playoff appearances in 30 years, since the end of the BRM. 10 years of futility. Even if the Reds finish 2-2, giving them an 80-82 record, it will be their 6th straight losing season, giving them 8 losing season's out of the last 10. In 10 years, they will have an average of 78 wins and 84 losses and an average run differential of 760 runs scored to 812 runs against (-52 per year).

And now, Juan Castro is re-signed for two more years. Juan Castro! We acquire two Phillies relievers and our team then tanks and the Phillies re-energize and on the verge of making the playoffs. We DFA Rick White and he is decent in Philly. We DFA Dave Williams and he is decent in NY. We give away Felipe Lopez and Austin Kearns for crap middle relief. Oh, but they are young. We take a throw-in from that same deal and make him our starting SS. Pitchers with blown elbows. Pitcher's with blown elbows that our Dr. doesn't diagnose until they have detached from the humerus. A CF'er past his prime who should be moved to another position that misses significant time with more injuries. A manager that has no idea how to manage his pitching staff. A team that continually fails in any clutch situation. Horrible defense. More of the same. More of the same.

We are the Milwaukee Brewers (without the young talent). We are the Baltimore Orioles, Colorado Rockies, and Pittsburgh Pirates (without the beautiful stadiums). We were the Detroit Tigers (until they got really good). Dare I say? No. Yes, I will. We are the Kansas City Royals. Small market. Small way of thinking. Small-time. This city deserves better. It's tired and frustrated fans deserve better. This is Baseball Town U.S.A.. No other city has produced the talent that Cincinnati has produced. It's a shame that a once proud organization has basically put their fans to sleep. A long sleep.

I'm Bill Murray and the alarm clock has just gone off. Another September. Another vow to myself that I quit with this team. Do I quit? No. Come March or April, the angst will be worn off and I'll be rejuvenated again, just to be disappointed come mid or late-summer, when the wheels fall off again. This is one time in my life I wish I were older. Old enough to appreciate what happened between 1970 and 1976, especially '75 and '76. I have almost no recollection of it. I was too young. I remember sitting in front of the T.V. playing with my hot wheels as my family went crazy after a play by Cesar Geronimo. I just remember them yelling "Geronimo". That is it. My only memory and I have no idea if it was even the World Series. My first year I cared was 1979 and I remember crying as an 8-year old when the Pirates swept the Reds in the NLCS.

And next year? I'll be excited come late March again.

So excited I may even predict 82-80 again.