The other day on ESPN radio there was a discussion of which teams most deserve a championship and that got me to thinking about which athletes are most deserving of a championship. I'm not talking about teams here, but about individual athletes that you would like see get a championship. Who are those, whatever the sport, who have not won one yet but you think deserve to win one? Here's my list. There might be some hometown bias with at least a couple of my selections.

1. Willie Anderson: Loyalty and long suffering should be rewarded. He is one of those hard working athletes that you never seem to hear anything negative about. Plus he's never running his mouth. I respect that about him, as well as the fact that he was here through all of the bad years when he could have gone to a winning team earlier.

2. Griffey: It would be a nice ending to a HOF career, but I don't know what his odds are of getting one here.

3. Brian Grant: Just personal reasons here. I knew him growing up and played ball with him briefly. I've always pulled for him ever since the start of his NBA career, even though I don't care much for the NBA as a whole.

4. Peyton Manning: Will he be the Dan Marino of our generation?

Ok, there are a few others that come to mind, but dispatch just called me with another run, so I've got to go. Who else comes to mind and what are your reasons?