I was just over at C. Trent's blog checking things out. I don't know how many of you have heard about Mister Simpson possibly enrolling at UC and playing football this year, but evidetly it is a real possibility.

two things

Tony Carvitti had reconstructive surgery on the ACL of his right knee today. He's lost for the season.

So asked a question to the UC compliance folks today..

Here is my question:

have a purely hypothetical question for you..

so, say a football player at another school withdraws from school at his former school say last week.

said football player played in one game on, oh, i dunno, sept. 9. said football player enrolls at uc, i dunno, say today and starts classes, i dunno, tomorrow

when would said player be eligible to play at uc?

and if said player, hypothetically, had redshirted last year, his first year in college? how many years of eligibility would this hypothetical player have remaining?

the response:

In your hypothetical situation, if the student is admitted as a matriculated student to the institution, is enrolled in and completes a full-time program of studies for 3 full quarters and meets all other NCAA satisfactory progress bylaws, then the student would be eligible at the completion of the 3rd quarter of attendance at the new institution.
In order for a quarter to count towards the completion of the residency requirement for transfers in the sport of football, the student must have been admitted prior to the 12th day of class (Bylaw
The student in your hypothetical situation would have three years remaining on his five-year clock to play three years if all requirements of the year in residency were satisfied by the beginning of the Fall of

The 12th day of classes would be Thursday.

That said, UC officials said they have not heard of any former local football stars enrolling in class today -- yet.
In other news, "Midnight Madness" is back with a new name.

'Bearcat Madness' Oct. 13

With the new NCAA rules allowing practice before midnight, the celebration of the start of basketball season has been rebranded "Bearcat Madness" and will take place Oct. 13.

Doors open at 7 p.m. and include an autograph session and music by the Reds' Bronson Arroyo and his band. The official program begins at 8:30 p.m., with students vs. student-athlete dunk and 3-point contests.

Also appearing at the event will be Chad Johnson, who will serve as a celebrity guest coach, along with Arroyo.

The first 3,500 fans will receive a free t-shirt.

Also appearing will be the new Bearcat mascot.

Remember, it's Friday, Oct. 13.
Sounds quite interesting. Don't remember them ever using this much star power. I might have to make it to that one.