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I'd blow it up and start from scratch.

My first order of business would be to trade Dunn, preferrably for Ervin Santana and Erick Aybar. I'd even be willing to make the deal Dunn straight up for Santana.

My second order of business would be to shop Arroyo. I'm not sure anyone really believes that he will be able to replicate his 2006 numbers but his reasonable contract should make him very attractive to teams looking for quality starters. I'm not sure what I'd expect to get for him but I think two advanced prospects (preferably one pitcher and one position player) would be a good starting point.

Dump Griffey, LaRue and Milton for whatever you can get. I'd be fine with getting nothing in return for them if I was able to get a team to eat a substantial part of their remaining salary.

Keeping with the rebuilding theme, I wouldn't make any major acquisitions for next season. I'd rather save the money to make a run at Vernon Wells next offseason.
Lose. Too many years of this crap, we need to win asap.