Plenty of minor trades have been going during the Krivsky era, so I thought I'd briefly go over what we've lost in some of the recent acquisitions.

Bobby Basham - pitched two games and went on DL for the year for Padres
Jeff Stevens - unimpressive for Indians A- team
Ben Kozlowski - had some success in AA for Dodgers
Cody Ross - overall, played poorly for the Marlins (by the way, does anyone know what we received for him yet?)
Brandon Roberts - played very well for Twins A+ team
Travis Chick - played well for Mariners AA
Justin Germano - played extremely well for Phillies AAA
Zach Ward - overall, pitched poorly for Twins A- team
Kyle Edens - was almost unbelievably bad for Angels in AA

Here are some players that have been released, too:
Allan Simpson - solid year in AAA
Bubba Nelson - so-so year for Padres AAA
Luke Hudson - mediocre year for Royals
Jacob Cruz - good year for Mets AAA
Frank Menechino - poor performance in brief AAA appearances
Tony Womack - played very little and did nothing noteable
Terrence Long - decent numbers for Yankees AAA
Rick White - average stats for Phillies
Esteban Yan - terrible for Royals AAA
Quinton McCracken - average numbers in limited AAA time for Twins