Heres my team:

PG TJ Ford
SG Michael Redd
G Chauncy Billips
SF Stephen Jackson
PF Andre Kirilenko
F Dirk Nowitzki
C Jermaine O'Neal
C Paul Gasol
UTIL Manu Ginobili
UTIL Tayshaun Prince
SG/SF Andre Iguodala
PF Kenyon Martin
PF/C Zaza Pachulia

8 team league

I originally had Andrew Bogut but traded him for Chauncy Billips (ripped them off IMO), then dropped Damon Stoudamire for Zaza.

Current trade offers:

- Prince, AI, Martin, Pachulia for Brad Miller, Jason Terry... doubt they will do it
- Martin for Peja
- Jackson, Ginobili for Ray Allen
- Jackson for Rasheed Wallace
- Ford, Jackson for Iverson (doubt they will do it)

This team has Brad Miller and Peja (scores FT%) so I'd like to get them both, and I want to trade Jackson and Ginobili, but what could I offer them?

Jackson, Ginobili, and AI/Martin, would that be enough? Plus they would probably need a center in return and I'm definitely not trading JO or Gasol so I'd have to throw Zaza in there which they probably wouldn't like.... any ideas?