Not stuff that has happened to you; but situations that have occured to others that you happened to be in "the right place at the right time" and witnessed.

Most of mine came from while I was in the military. And anyone who has served KNOWS you see alot of crap in the military... some quite humorous, and others quite tragic. When you get such a huge diversity of men together, you're bound to witness something at some point. Many are still very vivid in my mind. Some could never, for the sake of trying to maintain some sort of etiquette, be discussed on here.....

Boot Camp

Anyone who has ever served knows that boot camp is a trip and somewhat of a "culture shock" to the newly graduated HS kid. The inspections were pure psychological hell. We use to have these one inspections called "BAT" inspections. It was basically where 80 guys were lined up, with their toes on the line and standing at attention in front of your locker/rack, while these inspectors walked down and inspected your bed (hospital corners that could cut, pillow facing the right way), and that the articles of clothing in your locker were all folded a certain way, placed uniformly in the locker, and in a certain order. Perfection was a must.

And these inspectors didn't just look. As they inspected items, they tossed them. It looked like a tornado hit the place afterwards.

Anyway, on this one particular inspection we had a female inspector. And sorry ladies, but women are the worst. It's like they had something to prove to all these young men by being harder and tougher on you. So they were going down the line, doing their thing, and all of a sudden we all heard this woman's blood-curling scream. Whenever you have a locker inspection, you always use your clothes in the best condition. Anything else you make sure it is somehow away in the laundry.

This one guy obviously didn't get that memo.

He had had a bad case of diarrhea (which happens to the best of us), but at some point never made it to the head in time. So he had a pretty "soiled" pair of underwear. They had been through the laundry, but whatever he ate, it didn't come out.

So you get the picture when she shook them open and held them up for inspection.

That guy wore those underwear on his head for the remainder of the day - to classes, marching drills, chow hall.