Now keep in mind that I'm trying to stay reasonable here, hence no mention of Zito, Schmidt, or Soriano. And I would love to see the Reds unload the contracts of Griffey, Milton, and LaRue, but logic says that those contracts are most likely unmoveable.

-Sign RHP Justin Speier to a 1-year deal worth 3.5 million, with an option for a second year.

-Sign LHP Ted Lilly to a 2-year, 11 million dollar deal.

-Sign LHP Damaso Marte to a 1-year, 2.75 million deal with an option for a second year.

-Move Ken Griffey Jr. to right field.

-Unless a CFer like Mike Cameron is signed, make Chris Denorfia the everyday centerfielder.

-Re-sign Aurilia to a 1-yr deal if the price is right.

-Move Brandon Phillips to SS and platoon Ryan Freel and Aurilia (if he re-signs) at second base.

-Give Homer Bailey and Joey Votto every chance possible to make the team out of spring training. Do the same thing with the young relievers: Brad Salmon, Carlos Guevara, Calvin Medlock, David Shafer, and Jon Coutlangus.

2007 Cincinnati Reds

CF Chris Denorfia
1B Joey Votto/Scott Hatteberg
LF Adam Dunn
3B Edwin Encarnacion
RF Ken Griffey Jr.
2B Rich Aurilia/Ryan Freel(Freel bats leadoff when he starts)
SS Brandon Phillips
C David Ross/Valentin/LaRue


RHP Aaron Harang
RHP Bronson Arroyo
LHP Ted Lilly
RHP Homer Bailey
RHP Elizardo Ramirez/Milton/Claussen


Todd Coffey
Bill Bray
Damaso Marte
Justin Speier
Gary Majewski
Brad Salmon(I think he's going to be a very good MLB reliever)