World Series tickets (Tigers home games) went on sale this morning at 10am. Three co-workers and I logged on to Ticketmaster and prayed that we'd be able to snag four tickets (the max they'll let you buy) while everyone else and their mother tried.

After 30-40 minutes the other three gave up...but I couldn't. Ticketmaster said there weren't any more available, but I still couldn't stop refreshing the page.

At about 12:15 it said tickets were again available. I jumped on it, but dropped my quantity down to two. As my luck would have it, two seats were for sale. My hands shook and the pressure was on as Ticketmaster gives you just a few minutes to complete the sale or they're gone. I calmed down as best I could, entered my info and hit 'Submit'.

I'm going to the World Series. Game 2. Detroit versus I don't care. It's going to be great.

Has anyone here been to a World Series game? I'd love to hear stories.