Hey, RedZone folks. Really enjoyed your game threads. Alot of folks expressed disappointment at an 83-win team going to the Series. But let me suggest that perhaps doing so suggests win-loss record is a better measure of team quality than it really is. Luck can factor strongly in the difference between an 83 win team and a 90 win team. Consider that the Cardinals were 19-27 in one run games in 2006....and that the outcome of one-run games is very much a matter of luck. Consider, also that the 2004 Cardinal team went 29 - 20 in one run games. Flip those results and the 2006 Cardinals are a 92 win team... and the 2004 Cardinals are a 94 win team. I'm not suggesting that these teams were equal (if they had been .500 in one-run games, the 06 Cards would have been an 88 win team and the 04 Cards would have been a 99 win team)...but I would suggest the 06 Cards aren't quite as bad as their 83 win season might indicate. D.GOOCH