...For the starting rotation, we know that Colletti would like to bring Maddux back for a full season. Such a move would probably push Hendrickson to the pen. A related scenario: trade the frustrating Penny to fill a position, and then go after Jason Schmidt or Barry Zito. How about Penny to Houston for Morgan Ensberg? To the Rangers for Hank Blalock? To Cincy for Adam Dunn? Tell me your ideas in the comments....
Dunn For Penny? Would us as fans be ok with that?

Though it was just a idea by it might be a decent trade for both parties. Depending on Penny's health of course because you know Dunn is going to give you 160 games a year. I'd maybe want a little more but a rotation of Harang, Arroyo, and Penny would be pretty tough. If Dunn has a good spring I think we could get LA to toss in a prospect.