The Reds have 10 players under contract for next season, making a total of $48.925 million:
OF Ken Griffey Jr. $12.5 million
OF Adam Dunn $10.5 million
SP Eric Milton $9 million
C Jason LaRue $5.2 million
SP Bronson Arroyo $3.8 million
RP Rheal Cormier $2.25 million
OF/IF Ryan Freel $1.7 million
IF Scott Hatteberg $1.65 million
C Javier Valentin $1.325 million
IF Juan Castro $1 million

The arbitration-eligible players:
pitchers Aaron Harang and Kyle Lohse and catcher David Ross...will get another $11 million or so. Even if everyone else on the roster made the big-league minimum, that would put the payroll at $65 million.
That would leave $10 million for shopping if the payroll went to $75 million. The Reds need a closer and a shortstop, and $10 million doesn't buy what it used to.

29 million dollars are tied up in Griffey, Milton, LaRue and Cormier.