How many of you consider yourselves UC basketball fans, but not UC football fans. And by fans I mean you actively follow the program, go to the majority of games or at least listen on the radio/watch on tv the games that you cannot attend.

If you consider yourself a fan of the basketball program but impartial to the football program, why is that?

Also, how many of you consider yourselves UC basketball fans and OSU football fans? I'm trying to get a feel for why it's so difficult for UC football to get anyone to their games. They have a pretty good team this year, cheap tickets (starting at $10), and several activities on campus leading up to the games as well as a nice stadium. I really think the football program is rising, and has potential to turn themselves around as Louisville has done in the recent past. However, I'm not so sure that the "fans" will come out and support them until they do something big like the bball team did with the final four. Anybody have thoughts on this?

I'm a member of a UC message board where there is all kinds of discussions on this, and I just wanted to see how many people over here fit the bill of being UC fans but only for basketball.