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I called my mom this morning to hear her thoughts and she answered the phone "Bearcats Central". She was beside herself, said it was probably "the most exciting damn game I've ever been to." She rushed the field and said she hugged "about 12 Bearcats". She loves that team and said that in her mind it was the game of the day, even more than OSU-Mich because it's such an upset and UC is such a happy good team. She said this was the QB's first start ever?!?

I can't believe I didn't go. I'm a moron.

I was there for the big win in 1999 against Wisconsin. You really missed out, VP.

This game is a big step for UC football. It will probably never become the phenomenon that UC hoops was for about 10 years there but it's a good step. They need to sustain it and need to look no farther than across the field for inspiration. If Rutgers can do it, so can UC.