This is the first game this year I do not expect the Bengals to win. If you look at what the teams have done to put together 4-2 records thus far, their rankings are very similar. Both teams are dependent on capitalizing on turnovers and have decent but not great defenses so far. The Falcons D was lit up last week by Pittsburgh, so that might give us a ray of hope, but I'm not sure if our O is ready for a shootout at this point in the season. Both D's rank higher in points allowed than yardage allowed, probably as a function of the reliance on turnovers.

With all that said, I am pessimistic because of The Falcons' strengths--a scrambling QB and #1 rushing team in the NFL. Talk about the two biggest problems that the Bengals D has had over the last two years. If the rookie from TB and Charlie Fry can give the D fits with scrambles, it is scary to think of what Vick will be able to do with his feet this week. And we all should have fresh visions of Maroney stiff arming and dancing his way just a few weeks ago. Now, the top rushing team in the league comes to town. Yikes.

In the end, it might be the offense's turn to win a game in a situation where the D does not match up well with the opposing offense. Activate Chris Henry and use him before he inevitably ends up in court again, fire up the passing game, and see what happens. Oh, and Rudi, try bouncing outside every once in a while!