I have Bulger going up against the #1 pass defense in the league this week in San Diego. Bulger has played great this season and it's so hard to bench him. The only reason I am even contemplating it is because my backup is Michael Vick. Vick is going up against an average Bengals D (hate talking bad about my favorite team) and could get 80+ yards rushing pretty easily.

Can anyone really give me enough convincing to bench Bulger and start Vick??

It helps the decision to leave Vick on the bench because I hopefully won't have to have either QB go nuts to win. I have LT, Westbrook, Holt, and Wayne.

Or is it better to take the chance on Vick since I DO have all those other weapons? Hmm....

Also, would anyone in there right mind start Leinhart @GB over Brady in a 2 QB start league?