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But was it veterans that brought the Cards the WS, as much the Tiger's youth and post-season inexperience (as compared to the Cards as of late) that lost it?

I have no problem with veterans (don't want a roster filled with AARP candidates), as long as they are veterans that have a resume of performance.

Perhaps a little of both, thus perhaps cementing in Narron's eyes that youth = bad and vets = good.

I'm not saying you should have a team full of kids like the Marlins. You should have a mix. But all we are going to hear about this offseason is how the Cards won it with their veteran guys like Rolen, Carpenter, Suppan, Weaver and Edmonds. Pujols and Eckstein aren't vets like those guys but they aren't just up from the bushes either. About the only guys on that team who contributed and were rookies were Duncan and a few of the bullpen guys. They won and I give them full credit. But Someone like Narron looks at the Cards and sees they win it with veteran goodliness and, once again, when it comes down to a choice between a talented but erratic younger player and a older guy who Knows How To Win and Plays The Game The Right Way, he'll use the Cards as a reason to play older guy over the rookie. Before this year, he might be second-guessed for that. Now, he can just say, "Look at the Cards." and everyone will agree.