I apologize if this topic should be in the minor league forum, but since it pertains hypothetically to the Reds big club, I thought I'd post it here.

Although conventional wisdom has Bailey at GABP sometime in '07, I've been wondering lately what Wayne's long-ish term plans for the Reds offense might be. I'm assuming that both these guys have to be there as centerpieces in the next two years:

Votto: The Pickin' Machine is just a stopgap, albeit one whom I have grown to love in a Reds uniform. He is signed through next season, though. My best guess is that Joey starts the season in AAA unless he absolutely tears the cover off in ST. Hatte opens with the big club and hangs around until the team is out of contention. Barring some unexpected pennant run, Votto then makes his appearance somewhere around midseason. My guess is they'd want to give him more than a September cup of joe so that they can see what they've got.

Bruce: Seems to me that Bruce will start in AA and be one of our first options in the event of a major injury or a trade. If there is a deal during the offseason (Griffey or, more likely, Dunn), then I think the gears start to get put into faster motion for Jay's appearance in Cincy. By all accounts I've read, he is far closer to ML ready than anyone expected, and he doesn't have much to prove in the minors anymore. Already a far better fielder than either Dunn or Griffey and surprising power for his age--kind of like the hitting version of Homer.

Anyway, what do you all think? It's good to be back here posting again.