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Intriging for a few minutes....but pass.

The guy wants to start. He'd make a heck of closer with that arm. Just sayin'.
I know this isn't very plausible... It would be great if you could sign him for say, I don't know, a 2 year, incentive laden contract. Tell him you will give him the oppurtunity to start but first he has to start by working from the bullpen for a year to prove he is healthy. Make him the closer. If everything goes right, he has a decent year and builds value. If at the end of the first year you can't convince him to stay in the closer's role, trade him and his inflated value away. If he has an injury or just a bad year, keep him. Hopefully the base salary in the contract wasn't too much. The if on the injury front is huge though. And I'm not presenting this as a possibility at all. It could never happen for obvious reasons. Its just one of those wouldn't it be great ideas. That said, I think a situation like this is the only way I'd take a shot... Meaning no thanks to Wood.