Jim Callis wrote the Reds draft report card for the 2006 Cincinnati Red's draft. Its subscriber content, and you can view it here:


There are a couple interesting notes about the draft, and overall I think its a very good read.

Chris Valaika was one mentioned as having the best Pro Debut, and he also won out as being the best Pure Hitter of our draft class - Jim Callis thinks his value will soar if he can remain at SS and I agree. Milton Loo also gets mention in both of these categories as well.

Stubbs gets mention in quite a few categories as well, such as Best Pure Athlete, Best Defensive Player, and Fastest Runner.

Sean Watson gets metion as a guy with one of the Best Fastballs, and the best Breaking ball - he throws a knuckle curve. Also gets mention as closest to the majors, and I agree with this assessment.

In regards to the overall assessment of our draft, Callis seems to think that despite the Stubbs pick - which will utilimately be what this draft is graded on and remembered for - he feels that this was one of our deepest drafts in quite some time for our ball club.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I do like this draft class more and more each day. Certainly I am much more happy with it than I was on draft day. I still contend that we should have picked Lincecum, as he would be a great prospect to pair with Bailey, and they're both on the same type of time table. But I've also come to terms with the Stubb's pick - I am certainly more comfortable with it now than I was on draft day - a sentiment I am probably in the minority with.

In any case, what does everyone else think?