Just lookin over the leftovers...
Chris Gomez could fill the Aurilia role. Do the utility thing.
David Riske is a nice little pickup.
You have to wonder if Dotel will ever get healthy and right again. Same with Meche.

Mark DeRosa? That's an interesting line. Guy can play shortstop, but is playing in right field? Wonder what he's gonna go for? That would be buying high, but...can he really play shortstop? He's played more at second and his range factor there is decent.

lil sarge...he may be the best free agent centerfielder out there, but I doubt Junior willingly moves over for him. Career year last year. Gonna be 32. Pass.

Speier and Lilly.. nothing to add to that discussion. Could be nice additions.

Joe Borowski...what an odd career path. He was paid 300K last year. Property of the reds years ago.

Julio Lugo - You can't shop for value on the free agent market and this guy just isn't talented enough to justify 4+ million a year. You can shake the glove tree and 6 year minor leage free agents will fall out who can play with this guy.

Jeff Cirillo...boy, talk about odd career patterns. He should be payin the Brewers to play there. While we're on odd career patterns Do you think Jose Valentin would come here to play with his brother? He's known for his range.

hmmm Todd Walker looks like there's a fork in him, but how many guys are on this list that you could have said that about in the past?

I assume Jason Schmidt and Soriano are just out of our price ranges.

Looking over that list...
I can't see them signing a centerfielder to move junior.
I can't see them improving the rotation with any real impact, although they could add some depth.
If they are going to solve middle infield woes, there are a ton of second basemen out there, but really only the one true shortstop. You don't want top overpay, but you don't want crap either. I think there may be some values to be had at second base. That means moving Phillips.