Steel's Not challenging you ok. Just trying to show you another side. Narron may like Jacoby's philosophy's etc but do you not feel that a hitting coach has to have the ability to adapt to the player's he is given? I try to put my self in the position that Jacoby is in and say I am going to do what is best for each individual player, what are there strengths and weaknesses. In the big picture Jacoby is in this to make a name for himself a a batting coach and the results he produces and what the players say to other players in that regard is going to decide his longterm employment and reputation. The "right way" argument is crap honestly the right way is to play to the players strengths and use them to the best of there ability. I also think that the ballpark they play 82 games in has to factor into this equation.

My thoughts are that if this was my job I do "my job" and I do what is best for each and every individual player to maximize there value to the team and for the benefit of the individual and there ability's.