i'm not a computer lingo person(lucky if i can boil water) so i could use some help on this. My computer freezes up all the time. My computer is a compaq-approx 7 years old--i have windows m.e.-i have roadrunner broadband. It only seems to happen while i'm on the internet. Roadrunner says its my computer related. It may work fine for a few days but then like tonight i'm lucky if i can internet for 10 minutes b4 the thing freezes up completely. Right now my system says memory=64 mb of ram system resources=51%free file system 32 bit. Everything else with my system(monitor,speakers,keyboard etc) has been replaced in last year or so but this is still the original tower. I do a spybot check once every 2 weeks or so and have a firewall. Does this thing just sound shot? Would like to go to maybe a new system-windows xp? but really cant afford it right now...i also have deleted a lot of stuff off my system and dont download that much so not sure why memory would be a problem...suggestions/ideas???