"Jake Peavy to the Braves?
Also from Jerry Crasnick on ESPN radio, also no link yet: the Padres are close to sending Jake Peavy to Atlanta for Marcus Giles, Horacio Ramirez and Jarrod Saltalamacchia. This would make some sense: Schuerholz has never been afraid to deal top-drawer prospects (of which Saltalamacchia used to unquestionably be, if he isn't after a weak 2006 at the plate) for impact players. And this does a lot of things for the Padres: fill their 2B hole, replace Peavy (kind of), and put another potentially solid catcher in the system now that George Kottaras is property of Boston. It also allows the Padres to keep Scott Linebrink or use him in a trade with the Red Sox.
For the Braves, it tells you that Schuerholz is going for it: one season out of the money isn't going to put him on some rebuilding regimen. I don't Peavy is enough to put them back up with the Mets, but he could certainly make things more interesting."

There goes any chance of us getting peavy or giles. Assuming this goes happens. Nice trade for the braves, peavy is the kind of guy who could get them back to the postseason.