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My worry about Gonzalez is that he's going to be 30 before next season. He's all glove. I don't mind that, but if that glove goes downhill in his 30s, as gloves often do, then you're talking about adding an anchor to your team.

My take is Gonzalez would be fine on a one-year deal like what he had with the Red Sox. That way you're not married to him if the one thing he does well diminishes. Gonzalez needs to be the type of player you can walk away from on a moment's notice. Plus, if you lose him after a year, it's not like he's difficult to replace.

Anyway, if the Reds get an all-glove SS like Gonzalez, they'd better understand that the other seven position players need to produce like gangbusters in order to cover for him. If the Reds sign Gonzalez and then deal Dunn away, ultimately winding up with an offensive downgrade in the OF, then you're talking about a scary bad offense.
I agree that three years is not a great deal, but Gonzalez at ages 30-32 probably won't decline as much as Gonzalez at ages 33-35.

I'm just glad the Reds are trying to use cash instead of trading away talent to shore up the defense.